Collect Recall & Ask Questions


  1. What does a close study of a novel include? Features of a novel.
  2. What is Katherine Paterson saying about the background to the book?
  3. Complete chapter summaries. 40 words each chapter.
  4. Jess describes himself as he was at the beginning of the novel as “a stupid, weird little kid who drew funny pictures and chased around a cow field trying to act big – trying to hide a whole mob of foolish little fears running riot in his gut”.
    1. Why does Jess need to be the fastest runner in fifth grade?
    2. What are his “foolish little fears”?
  5. Jess feels that he must “conform” to the other boys. Why does he feel like this?
  6. What makes Leslie so “different” from the other children at Lark Creek Elementary?
  7. In Lark Creek there seem to be certain expectations about how people should look or behave.
    1. How do Jess, Leslie and Miss Edmunds differ from these expectations?
    2. At the end of the novel Mrs Myers acted in a way Jessie did not expect. What did she do?

 9. What was Terabithia? Consider what it represented to Jess and Leslie.

10. Who is Prince Terrien? Why is he important?

11. Who was “the giant” in Jesse and Leslie’s lives? Describe her.

12. What sort of despicable things does she do?

13. What happens in chapter 7 that is crucial to this development?

14. What is the significance of Chapter 8, “Easter” to the rest of the book?

15. he author uses descriptive language to describe the teachers. Write your own descriptive paragraph about one of your teachers. 80 words

16. Describe the land of Terabithia in your own words. 100 words.

17. Find in the book and write out 5 sentences with slang in it. Rewrite these sentences correctly.


To conform or not to conform - that is the question. Do you think it's important for people to conform?

Date: 15/02/2010

By: laura

Subject: conforming

Personally i think not, you shouldent have to prove or conform yourself just to be accepted. plus its ok to be yourself. so now i don't think it is important to conform yourself to others just to please them because you can't please everyone, even if your try.



Date: 14/02/2010

By: Simone Bechini

Subject: English

No I don't think people need to conform because it is ok to be different.



Date: 14/02/2010

By: Arefeh

Subject: individuality

Everyone is different. If we all to be the same as the person beside us what kind of world would we make? I say it would be dull and lifeless.
Yet conforming isn't always such a bad thing, it can keep you out of trouble, but once in a while remember who you really are